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        Contact Map
        Calle San Juan #1570
        Ciudad Granja
        Zapopan, Jalisco 4501
        Tel.: 01-33-31211064
        Tel.: 01-33-41708417

        Contact Map
        United States
        13120 Spivey Dr. Suite B
        Laredo, TX 78045

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        Imagen FTL (Full Truck Load) service

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        Trucking Consulting services

        Consulting services

        International consulting service for business, transportation, customs, permits, licenses and import export tariffs and duties for trade between Mexico and USA.

        We have a specialized consulting service that covers in a professional manner, your needs in terms of trade information, investigations and advise in everything related to transportation, trade, business, import and export permits, licenses, tariffs, duties, customs and in general all aspects of trade between Mexico and USA.

        If you need to improve your business, increase your possibilities for trade, optimize your overall transportation cost, learn about customs, import and export tariffs, duties, permits, licenses and regulations to do business and develop trade between Mexico and USA, then our specialized consulting service is the best choice for you.

        Specialized service to sell and distribute directly in Mexico and USA

        With this specialized consulting service, we help you set up your trading and commercialization process in Mexico and in the USA. If you are in Mexico and need to set up a selling platform in the USA, then this service is perfect for your needs. If you are in the USA or other country and need to set up a selling platform in Mexico, then this is your service. With our service you will be able to sell directly to the stores, without the need of intermediaries.

        We help you set up your prices FOB Mexico, or FOB USA. Your freight and shipping rate to the door of your customer, and your terms and conditions of your sales, such as minimum ordering quantities, payment terms, among others. This will help close more sales when attending prospects during shows, internet visits or business contacts, as you will be able to provide exact and final information that will give customer the final cost landed at his door at competitive prices.

        With this turnkey service, you will set up your business platform to sell directly in Mexico or in the USA successfully.