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        Space Logistics Logotipe

        Space Logistics Trucks

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        Spot Space Distribucion


        Contact Map
        Calle San Juan #1570
        Ciudad Granja
        Zapopan, Jalisco 4501
        Tel.: 01-33-31211064
        Tel.: 01-33-41708417

        Contact Map
        United States
        13120 Spivey Dr. Suite B
        Laredo, TX 78045

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        Imagen LTL (Less Than Truck Load) service

        Imagen FTL (Full Truck Load) service

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        Parcel Service

        Our parcel service is a ground door to door transportation and shipping service for parcel packages with pick up and delivery in Mexico and USA. Through our specialized value added services, we may also offer drop ship service and multi package pick up and delivery (cross border service) between Mexico and USA. You will not find a better price than ours to ship your product ground parcel between Mexico and USA. Our transportation and shipping hubs are located in Guadalajara, Mexico and Laredo, TX.

        We are able to provide an improved service and better cost for the shipping of parcel packages within Mexico and USA, because we have infrastructure in both markets and we optimize the supply chain management. Our service includes shipping and transportation, as well as customs brokers and handling.

        For the ground transportation, shipping, pick up and delivery of parcel packages to and from Mexico, Space Logistics is your best option.

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        Price list example (USD):
        top list Image
        $ 38.13
        Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Memphis, TN
        $ 42.85
        Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Raleight, NC
        $ 31.60
        Dallas, TX
        $ 35.40
        Little Rock , AR
        $ 49.90
        Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, FL, Las Vegas, NV
        $ 66.88
        New York, NY, Salt Lake City, UT
        $ 58.50
        San Francisco, CA, Denver, CO
        Down list Image

        Crossborder Parcel Service