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        Space Logistics Logotipe

        Space Logistics Trucks

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        Spot Space Distribucion


        Contact Map
        Calle San Juan #1570
        Ciudad Granja
        Zapopan, Jalisco 4501
        Tel.: 01-33-31211064
        Tel.: 01-33-41708417

        Contact Map
        United States
        13120 Spivey Dr. Suite B
        Laredo, TX 78045

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        Mission and Vision of company


        The mission of our company is to provide the small Mexican and American exporter, with the option to sell its products in the United States, Mexico and Canada, at competitive prices, without needing intermediaries, importers or infrastructure in Mexico if they are based in the United States, or in the United States if they are based in Mexico. That is to say, to allow the small Mexican and American exporter, to sell its products in the other side of the border, almost as simple as to sell them domestic. Our mission, from a practical point of view, is to erase the boundaries that exist between Mexico and the United States for the trade and commerce of goods, establishing a bridge between the two countries for the free trade development. This is obtained by connecting the distribution channels in these markets, through the following points: a) Offering competitive rates to companies of all sizes in an equal form. Primarily in LTL, which promotes the competitiveness of the small Mexican and american exporter b) Offering an integral unique rate, that includes transport, customs and insurance, which facilitates the incorporation of the global cost of transportation to the price of the product at the point of sale, facilitating the commercial transaction, making the process simple c) Offering a door to door turnkey service, facilitating the exporter with all required services to deliver its product door to door across the border from one single company and point of contact.


        Our company firmly believes that the solution for the small Mexican exporting company, facing the increasing international competitiveness of China in the national market and in the american market, resides in the geographical proximity and cultural affinity that maintains Mexico with the United States, which is the largest economy in the world. This advantage, grants the opportunity to the small Mexican exporter of being able to sell directly in the United States, taking advantage of better margins and a greater control in the commercialization and distribution of its products. Key advantages that are difficult to achieve by the Chinese exporters due to their geographic and cultural situation. For a Chinese company, the only sustainable option to sell in the United States is by means of an importer, or through mass merchants, who approximately represent 50% of the market in the United States. Our company also believes, that for the American exporter, Mexico is the destination market of choice after the domestic and Canadian markets. Mexico represents a large economy, with a large young population, thirsty for new, innovative and technological products and services. Setting up a clear and solid channel for the US exporter to sell in Mexico is our wau of participating in this fascinating opportunity.

        Coporate Values


        The “constructive spirit” makes reference to the positive attitude, the optimism, the base that determines our common sense as a company. The base that increases the value added that we offer to our customers. This is the fuel that feeds the creativity and good faith that must prevail in the intention and in the action of those who work at Space Logistics.


        We understand that we handle important confidential information. That we must respect our customer’s business and that our customers trust in our company to handle their business operations. We are devoted to our customers and their business and will work hard, respecting and protecting our customers interests at all times and above all situations


        We understand that problems and unexpected situations will arise from time to time. We work hard to develop every day a strong professionalism in all our team members in order to be prepared to handle and resolve all these problems in an efficient and professional way. We will always help our customers and try to resolve any problem or any situation in the best interest of our customers. We try to develop and improve our attitude every day. We value being objective, straight and clear minded.


        We are proud of our company as an honest company. We are openly against any type of unethical behavior, bravery or any type of dishonest development. We value truth, ethic behavior, transparency and legality. These are the fundamental bases of any healthy business relationship.