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        Contact Map
        Calle San Juan #1570
        Ciudad Granja
        Zapopan, Jalisco 4501
        Tel.: 01-33-31211064
        Tel.: 01-33-41708417

        Contact Map
        United States
        13120 Spivey Dr. Suite B
        Laredo, TX 78045

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        Warehousing services Image

        Warehousing services in Guadalajara Mexico

        Warehouse, storage, distribution, logistics, pallet cross dock, order fulfillment, pick and pack and warehousing rack services in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico.

        Our warehouse is conveniently located in Ciudad Granja, a semi industrial area in Zapopan, on the western part of Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, one block from the “periferico” (Guadalajara loop and connecting gateway for all highways to and from Guadalajara).

        We have 3,500 square meters of warehousing space, filled with state of the art racks and equipment, with all convenient infrastructure, such as forklifts, security systems, loading docks and offices. We have 3,500 available pallet positions.

        We provide distribution and logistics services (Jalisco, Micoacan, Guanajuato, and Mexico City) with our own equipment, and cover distribution all over Mexico with alliances with other transportation companies. We also provide as an addition to our warehousing and storage service, specialized services such as pick and pack, order fulfillment and inventory control.

        Cross dock services are also available for our warehouse storage and distribution service customers.

        We are specialized in providing storage, warehousing and value added services to foreign and US customers selling, distributing or sourcing in Mexico. Our warehouse is your home away from home...

        Please visit our partner company wich have that service: