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Even though there's no diabetes remedy, diabetes can be dealt with and managed, and some individuals may enter into remission. To handle diabetes successfully, you need to do the following: Manage your blood glucose levels

Can you be cured of type 1 diabetes? #Freediabetes
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Is type 2 diabetes curable? #NaturalJuice
How can I treat diabetes without medication? #GreenJuice

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Exists a cure for diabetes? – Diabetes UK

Currently, there is no treatment for Type 1 diabetes, however it can be treated effectively by administering insulin, either by an injection or pump, and by following a healthy, well balanced diet and getting routine physical activity.
Could There Be a Treatment for Diabetes? – WebMD
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Even though there's no diabetes treatment, diabetes can be treated and controlled, and some individuals might enter into remission. To handle diabetes successfully, you have to do the following: Handle your blood glucose levels.
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Type 2 diabetes CURE: Male finds NATURAL method to rid himself of hazardous condition. … A GUY identified with type 2 diabetes – a condition which can be triggered by diet and way of life – has reversed the life-long condition in just 10 weeks. Keith Dawson has type 2 diabetes, a …
Home Remedies for Diabetes|Top 10 Natural home remedy
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While there is no treatment for diabetes, with your blood glucose level under control you can live a completely regular life. There are different natural remedies for diabetes

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