Stress + Diabetes: What To Know

Life today can be stressful, and that's a challenge for individuals with diabetes because tension can raise blood glucose. Find out how stress impacts your diabetes and exactly what to do about it in this short video. To subscribe for more, go to


Hi I'm Ansley and I'm here today to talk about stress– how it affects your blood sugar level and what you can do to keep it from ruining your life and your diabetes.

Tension is one of the important things that can make managing diabetes more complex because being worried can actually raise your blood glucose. Short-term tension (things like being in traffic or having an argument) is normally not the problem. In truth, the glucose changes that accompany short-term tension differ quite a bit, however it is uncommon for the stress itself to raise your glucose a lot. Nevertheless, long-term sources of tension (like operating in a stressful circumstance or caring for an aging parent) involve more complex modifications in "tension hormones" which can affect your diabetes.

Probably the greatest effect of stress on your diabetes takes place because it's more difficult to concentrate on handling diabetes when you're stressed. You might end up making poorer food options, have less time for workout or to take care of yourself as you normally do. It is necessary to bear in mind when you're supporting your friends and family, you likewise need to put in the time to take care of yourself and your diabetes.

So there are 2 things to know about tension- initially, if your blood sugar is running greater than regular, stress might be contributing. Second, things that assist you handle stress will also aid with your diabetes.

So let's talk about some methods to handle tension: For some people, prayer, meditation or breathing workouts assist keep them centered and from feeling overwhelmed. Getting enough sleep each night is a great method to manage tension– just how much suffices will vary from individual to person however someplace in between 6 and 8 hours is the typical recommendation. Getting Thirty Minutes of workout each day (or whatever amount of activity you can handle) is likewise a crucial method to handle stress that will assist your diabetes too. Talk to your doctor to see what does it cost? and what level of workout is right for you. Last, some research reveals that making a list of three things that you're grateful for at the end of each day can make you better and keep the blues at bay. Attempt it on your own and see if it assists you.

And that's the fundamentals of what you need to understand about tension– we have a lot more details on our site about tools that can help you handle tension if you 'd like to find out more.

Thanks for joining us today.

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