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Maintaining a Normal Blood Sugar Range

?Having control of your diabetes means maintaining a normal blood sugar range. Many things can be done to make sure your blood sugar remains at a reasonable level. What is a normal blood sugar range? A person without diabetes blood sugar is never above 100 at any given time. Fewer than 100 is the normal […]

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How to Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels

If you have diabetes, you may struggle with regulating your normal blood sugar levels. Some diabetics take insulin to help control the disease while other individuals can achieve positive results with lifestyle and diet changes alone. In either case, your goal should be to achieve normal blood sugar levels on a consistent basis for a […]

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Avoid the Prick: Get a Blood Sugar Monitor without the Pain

Using a blood sugar monitor to test your blood sugar levels is an important part of controlling your diabetes. Staying as close to your normal blood sugar level as possible will keep you healthier and feeling better than you will if your levels are off. Depending on your particular situation, you may need to test […]

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