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Why is Diabetes Continuing Education Important?

Diabetes continuing education is helping save the lives of many people who don’t understand the disease and the importance of taking care of their bodies. With just a few simple things, some diabetics can be healthy and not have to worry. Continuing the education is important in creating awareness of the disease and the problems […]

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Health Insurance for Diabetics: Get the Coverage You Need

Heath insurance for diabetics can sometimes be difficult to find and receive. Yet, insurance remains important for many people as they try to pay for supplies and medications. Without insurance to cover these things, some people go without, putting their life in jeopardy and increasing their risk of complications like heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, […]

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Diabetes Test: When Do You Need to Take One?

Millions of Americans have diabetes and almost a third of them do not know it because they haven’t taken a diabetes test or been seen by a doctor. Paying attention to risk factors and symptoms can help save you from serious complications. Testing can help tell you whether you have diabetes or not and can […]

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Diabetes Bracelet: Lifesaving in Style

When you have diabetes, you may want to wear a diabetes bracelet to alert others to your condition in case there is a problem. In the past, diabetes bracelets tended to all look the same, which wasn’t always the most attractive. Some individuals refused to wear one because they were so unattractive, which could put […]

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