Normal Blood Sugar Level: How to Control it Naturally

?When you want to control your diabetes naturally, knowing what your normal blood sugar level is and working to keep it in a good range is vitally important. Although many diabetics have to use insulin or other drugs to help them maintain normal levels, some individuals can control their blood sugar through lifestyle changes like eating better and exercising every day. Maintaining your blood sugar naturally can help you avoid insulin injections and many serious health problems that can occur when levels aren’t controlled.

Doctors use several different methods to test blood sugar levels including fasting and random tests. With a fasting test, the amount of sugar in the blood is measured after the individual fasts for at least eight hours. The level should be lower than 100 milligrams of glucose in a deciliter of blood. A random test can be taken at any time and should be lower than 200 milligrams.

Many diabetics test their blood sugar levels at regular intervals to help them monitor and control their diabetes. Depending on the type and severity of the condition along with the use of medications, some individuals test multiple times per day while other individuals can test much less often. Whether your test several times a day or a couple of times a week, the measure can be one of the most helpful tools for you to help control your diabetes.

You’ll want to talk to your doctor about how often you should test your normal blood sugar levels and how to go about doing this. Advances in the area of testing are making it easier than ever to test your blood sugar. You’ll also want to talk to your medical team about how you can control your diabetes naturally.

Your doctor and dietician will more than likely recommend that you exercise daily and change your eating patterns. Work with your dietician to set up meal plans that work for your life. Although the plans were often very restrictive in the past, moderation has become the key today which means that you can often still enjoy the foods that you like as long as you don’t overindulge and you keep the food in mind when you are planning the rest of your meals.

By keeping track of your normal blood sugar level, you can make adjustments to your food consumption and other areas as needed in order to live a healthier life. Although diabetes is a serious condition, you may be able to treat it naturally with lifestyle changes if you monitor your blood sugar levels carefully.